Our Services

We proudly provide high quality, clean, and professional installations of Christmas lighting and holiday décor during the Christmas holiday season. Our installation technicians are neat, clean, courteous and will respect your property.


We offer all the latest styles of Christmas lights such as incandescent mini, C-7, and C-9 lights, as well as energy saving LED mini, C-7 and C-9 lights. Choose energy saving, environmentally friendly LED lights, which use a fraction of the electricity used by standard incandescent lights.

Other Decor

We offer many other services at Christmas and during the holiday season.
Need a tree? We provide fresh cut or artificial Christmas trees from 8’ to 20’ tall. We also offer elegant décor such as wreaths, garlands and bows of various sizes and color combinations, such as red and gold, silver and gold, or multicolored. We can also provide custom exterior decorations such as round balls, finials, bells, spiral tops, violins, harps, horns, and decoratives. Our ornaments come in red, gold, silver, blue, green, purple and fuchsia.

What’s Included in Our Service

Our standard installation is turn-key, with all the lights, hooks, clips, extension cords, timers and start up. Our in-house electrician is available should you need additional circuits or repairs to your existing outlets.

We offer service within 24 hours of receiving your call if a problem should arise.

Let US Take The Hassle Out Of Holiday Decorating!

What to do next:

  • Contact us to schedule a visit to your home and an free estimate.
  • Tell us all about the lighting and decor you envisioned, or we can offer you design ideas.
  • Give us a few hours and then stand back and take a look at your beautifully decorated home.
  • Marvel at how easy it was to just leave the decorating to the professionals and enjoy one less hassle during the holiday season!

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